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The electronic shop has been created by the general partnership P. & S. Karaviti O.E. with TIN 998097951 and Reg. No. to the General Business Registry (GEMI) 009593401000, duly represented by Panagiotis Karavitis and Stavroula Karaviti aiming at promoting and distributing its products online. Before browsing through the pages of our e-shop we shall make sure to have agreed with the following terms and conditions that prevail over any oral agreement to the contrary between the user and The use of and the browsing through our e-shop ascertains that you have understood the terms and conditions and results in the express and unconditional consent and acceptance of the following terms.

Terms of Use e-shop has the right to amend, renew, review freely and unilaterally without any prior notification these terms and conditions on the transactions carried out on the website of this electronic shop as well as it reserves the right to amend, supplement and remove freely any information or element included herein. makes all efforts for the maintenance and availability of its website, however, it is possible to cease its operation temporarily or permanently for maintenance or any other reason. is not liable for any damage that results from the wrongful use by the users and reserves its rights on the distribution of the products. has complied with the GDPR framework.

The courts of Athens have jurisdiction on any dispute that might arise from the use of the services of the shop between the user and the shop.

Provided information and products implements all measures appropriate to the circumstances in order for the data and the information provided on the website to be accurate, complete and reliable notwithstanding any technical or typographical errors that might occur by mistake during the registration of the electronic data. For any unusual information that you might find on our website such as a rather low or high price that might not be justified in any way, we kindly ask that you contact us before placing your order. is not liable for the acts or omissions of any third party nor for any unauthorized intervention by a third party to the provided products or information. We expressly declare that it has not recruited any third parties for the promotion of our products.

Intellectual Property

The name, the logo, the tradename and any other distinctive characteristic represented by as well as the content of this website including images, photographs, designs, graphics, texts, products and other provided services are part of the intellectual property of the company and fall within the scope of the relevant provisions of the Hellenic and European legislation.

Any copying, analog /digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, re-sale or misleading of the public on the real provider of the content of this website is prohibited. Any reproduction, re-issuing, loading, announcement, dissemination or publication or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other reasons is allowed only upon the prior written authorization by

Codes of Ethics

The operation of the shop is subject to the use of the applicable Code of Ethics that is available at:

Transactions Security

Any transaction made with the use of a card is carried out over the platform of “Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank that uses TLS 2.2 encryption with a 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way to codify information until it reaches the defined recipient thereof who will be able to de-codify it with the use of the appropriate key. uses SSL protocol with a 128-bit encryption for secure online commercial transactions. All your personal data including your name and address are encrypted in this way in order for them not to be read or altered during online transmission.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is nowadays the worldwide standard for online certification of websites for online users and the encryption of information transmitted between online users and web servers. A SSL encrypted communication requires for all information sent between the customer and the server to be encrypted by the software of the transmission and decrypted by the software of the delivery in order to protect the personal data during their transmission. Moreover, all the information sent over the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects if the data have been altered during transmission.

The secure communication system of is certified by COMODO. does not store under any circumstances on the database that it uses and in any other way any financial information on its customers (credit card information, bank account information). The transactions and the payment with a credit card are carried out in the secure environment of the banks.

Order Development

How would I know that my order has been placed?

Upon the placement of your order, you shall receive an email with the unique dispatch number of your parcel. So, either through our website or the website of ACS, you will be able to monitor your order at any time until its delivery.

What should I do, If I do not receive my parcel?

If you have not received your parcel within a reasonable time of period, please contact us at 2102829000 and we will make sure to inform you on the status of your order immediately.

Shipments and Payments


It is possible to conclude a valid order when the consumer is capable by law according to the Greek Civil Code, i.e. when he is 18 and not incapacitated with regard to the conclusion of a sales contract always based on the declaration of the person placing the order who is liable for the inaccuracy of his declaration.

The order might be placed either on the online form or via electronic mail:

On the online form

The user is registered to the website by filling-in the relevant form with all the required information. Then he shall receive a registration confirmation mail by the shop.

In order for the order to be placed, he must fill-in the require information on the respective form which are necessary for the conclusion of the contract.

The order is completed upon the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use and the final submission thereof. Up to the moment of the final submission, the customer may cancel at any time the order to be completed. From the moment of the final submission and onwards, the cancellation may occur upon agreement of the customer with the shop either by telephone or via email to with the indication “Order Cancellation” and the code thereof under the condition that the order has not been sent yet. In case that the order has been sent, the customer shall bear the cost of returning the products.

Via electronic mail

The customer sends a mail to or uses the relevant online application at “Contact us” where he fills-in the relevant form. Following the mail of the user, we will contact him personally by any means possible in order to ensure the best and fastest service of the customer.

Shipment options

Shipments can be made all over Greece and Cyprus in collaboration with the courier ACS at the address indicated by you. You may also receive your parcel at the respective ACS shop nearest to you. Additional time might be required for deliveries at hardest-to-reach places as well as additional charges and that’s why we will contact you in advance in any such case.

Shipment charges and charges for payment-on-delivery


For a purchase over 30,00€, the shipment by courier is free of charge.

For a purchase up to 29,99€ included, the charge is 2,70€ for shipment and 1,80€ for payment-on-delivery. In case that the payment occurs via bank transfer to the bank account of LUXMALL or via debit, credit or prepaid card or via Masterpass wallet, then the charge of 1,80€ for payment-on-delivery is excluded and you shall only bear the shipment cost.

Delivery time in Greece (ACS courier): 1-3 business days


For a purchase over 30,00€, the shipment cost is 5,00€.

For a purchase up to 29,99€ included, the shipment cost is 7,50€.

Delivery time in Cyprus by ship (by courier): 4-10 business days


For a purchase over 30,00€, the shipment cost is 15,00€.

For a purchase up to 29,99€ included, the shipment cost is 17,50€.

Express delivery time in Cyprus by airplane (by ACS courier): 1-3 business days

You choose the type of shipment upon the placement of the order based on your wishes.

Means of payment

In order to complete your order, you may choose one of the following means of payment.

  • Via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners credit, debit and prepaid cards. All card payments are carried out through the “Alpha e-commerce” platform of Alpha Bank that uses TLS 1.2 encyrption with a 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Socket Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way to codify information until it reaches the defined recipient thereof who will be able to de-codify it with the use of the appropriate key.
  • Using the e-wallet Masterpass
  • Using Paypal
  • Payment-on-delivery. We send you the parcel by courier and you pay us upon delivery (only for shipments in Greece).
  • Receipt and payment at the store.
  • Via bank transfer to the following bank accounts:
alphabank nbg

Account number: 292002002006294

IBAN: GR1401402920292002002006294

Account number: 19420162737

IBAN: GR9101101940000019420162737

You shall mention your name in the comments. For the fastest settlement of your order you may send us the payment receipt by mail or fax. The beneficiary is P. & S. Karaviti O.E. In order to serve you better and more quickly, upon the deposit of the amount, please contact up at by attaching a copy of the bank statement.

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